<font size=24>Chess Pieces for Advertising, Promotion, <br>and Marketing

Chess is a game long associated with power, strategy, and achievement. Symbolizing the ascendancy of intelligence over chance, chess relates directly and easily to the strategic aspects of business.

Chess pieces and chess-themed gifts are a great way, without words, to convey a business concept, or communicate the appreciation you have for your most valuable employees, associates, or business contacts. Each chess piece embodies an internationally-recognized symbolism that can be used to define or amplify your message:

King - representing the sun, the heart, authority, power, indispensible, irreplaceable.

Queen - counselor or minister, representing free will, a piece essential to a winning strategy.

Rook - A strong, yet agile defense due to its straight movements. Thus a flexible, protective strategy, logical and virile.

Bishop - Spiritual ruler, the feminine principle, decisions-making based on experience.

Knight - Independent action; chivalry, daring, intuition.

Pawn - Service, humility, the ordinary man, everyman.

Consider the possibilities:

  • Sales Literature: instead of the standard letter, business card and brochure, why not catch the recipient's attention with a chess piece symbolic of their position, or for the service or product you offer? Catapult your message past executive assistants or other "protective layers" with an eye-catching memento that is sure to be passed on.
    • Kings or Queens for decision-makers
    • Knights for sales leaders
    • Rooks for protective services or strategies, etc.
  • Sales events, marketing promotions, or memorials: Luxury Chess has provided chess pieces as guest mementos for sales meetings and celebrity memorials.
Luxury Chess can provide chess pieces in several materials to support your event, sales campaign, or promotion. Call or email us today to see how we can support your outreach efforts.

  • Glass Chess Pieces
    • Glossy Black (king - 3 inches)
    • Frosted White (king - 3 inches)
    • Others

  • Marble Chess Pieces
    • Black, White (king - 4+ inches)
    • Black, White, Tan, Green (king - 3 1/2 inches)

  • Wooden Chess Pieces
    • Various

We will be happy to take your order personally, or answer any questions you may have. Contact us at

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