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Stumped for a chess gift or chess accessory? Something unlike anything they already have? Here's something that you won't see anywhere else. These solid metal chess piece paperweights are great conversation pieces and are actually the pieces used in our Imperial Force and Magnum Metal chess sets. They make a wonderful present for the chess enthusiast in your life or as a business gift or appreciation award for exemplary corporate achievement. Just click on the picture for a closer look.
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                                      Height (inches)
Steel Pawn    N/A  Brass Pawn   $15     3.0 
Chrome Pawn   N/A  Gold Pawn    N/A     3.0
Steel Rook    N/A  Brass Rook   N/A     3.2
Chrome Rook   N/A  Gold Rook    N/A     3.2
Steel Bishop  N/A  Brass Bishop N/A     5.0
Chrome Bishop N/A  Gold Bishop  N/A     5.0
Steel Knight  N/A  Brass Knight N/A     4.0
Chrome Knight N/A  Gold Knight  N/A     4.0
Steel Queen   N/A  Brass Queen  N/A     6.0
Chrome Queen  N/A  Gold Queen   N/A     6.0
Steel King    N/A  Brass King   N/A     6.5
Chrome King   N/A  Gold King    N/A     6.5
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Chess Paperweights Make Great Desk Decor
Starting at:$15.00Chess Piece: 
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