15 inch Alabaster Chess Board (OUT OF STOCK)

We are very pleased to showcase our client's projects when they use our chess sets in creative ways. Larry and his wife from Mosely, VA had a set of bone chess pieces carved in the shape of birds. They were unable to display this wonderful set as they wished because they were concerned about possible damage from their four cats. Larry's wife came up with the idea of a glass-enclosed end table. It took awhile to find a suitable table, but with the addition of our alabaster board, they were finally able to realize their vision. The above pictures show their imaginative solution!

This fine grey and white alabaster chess board is made from Italian alabaster, mined for thousands of years in the Volterra province of Italy. The board measures 14.5 in X 14.5 in, with 1.5 inch squares. It is 1/2 in thick.This neutrally-toned board looks great with chess pieces in a variety of colors and materials.

15 inch Grey and White Alabaster Chess Board (OUT OF STOCK)
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